Wiring and cable installation for residential and small business needs.

Structured Wiring

- Our basic systems distribute voice/data/video throughout the home or office.

Sound & Light

- Home theater setup or whole house sound systems.

- State of the art low voltage light systems to add an ambient touch.

- PA systems or background music for commercial environments.

We install computer network wiring (category 5e and 6), phone wiring(digital and analog),

as well as audio and video( RG-6 coaxial) cable.

We perform every phase of computer, phone, audio and video wiring. Installation

includes all cables, jacks, terminations & documentation.

Whether you need 1,10, or a 100 or more drops we can handle it .

Our wiring runs are neat and well labeled for future reference and are tested end to end

for connectivity and speed.

We provide museum quality work. Craftsmanship is the best indicator of quality.

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e-mail: networks@ktone.net